How to Design a Tiny Bathroom

How to Design a Tiny Bathroom

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Are you looking for small bathroom design ideas that will make the area feel more spacious? So is the rest of the world, Bathroom design is one of the more difficult areas to decorate due to the lack of square footage, restricted natural light, and several fixtures to fit in. When done correctly, though, the entire space can appear brighter and more spacious. You won’t have to spend a fortune to cut a window into the wall, either (or call on something retro, like glass bricks).


Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

These little bathroom ideas show that strong design elements can work in even the tiniest spaces, in addition to making the most of the available space. Here are the best methods to make powder rooms, half-baths, and other small (sometimes windowless) restrooms more comfortable and delightful. Your modest bathroom may become your new favorite room.

Swinging Doors Should Be Replaced


Photo Courtesy: Flickr

Everything appears to be lit by candles. It’s no different in the exquisite powder room. Ambient

lighting casts a soft glow, wood finishes add warmth, and the green floral wallpaper breathes life into the space; all of these components work together to create a cocooning effect. In a small bathroom, replacing hinges and installing pocket doors—whether at the entrance or on a closet enclosure—can save a lot of space.

Make Room for a More Spacious Vanity

Even if it sounds paradoxical, a greater vanity may be the way to go. Small bathroom designs invest in the biggest vanity you can find. It will increase your counter space and make things appear larger.

Maintain a Limited Palette

Bathroom design ideas use an icy pale blue paint color on the cabinet doors to bring off the deep blue veining in the marble surfaces. Leaving some of the wall unfilled has a relaxing impact that makes pattern-pushing tiny areas feel less overwhelming.

Patterns Should Be Used Strategically

While it may be tempting to go all out with patterns in a small bathroom to make a statement on a small scale, it is recommended that you take a step back and be strategic with your choices. Modern bathroom design, for example, uses a pattern on the floor but keeps the walls neutral by using texture in the form of molding or wallpaper.

Colors Should be Light and Bright.


Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

A metropolitan bathroom has a warm and tranquil ambiance, thanks to the wood floor and vanity. Natural light from the window reflects in a delicate orange tone. The space surrounding the standalone tub, as well as the lightweight curtain fabric that enables maximum light to enter, make the room feel more open.

Increase Your Use of Dark Colors

Small bathrooms [usually windowless rooms] can be painted in a dark color, such as black. It adds depth and offers the impression of more space. Choose a high-gloss, super-dark color. The color will provide the impression of a large night sky while also reflecting the limited light in the room. (Because doing so will draw attention to the light fixtures, you’ll want to choose them carefully—bright bulbs with lots of light, shapes you don’t mind being bold.)

Make a Wall Mirror


Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

Consider mirroring the entire wall of your small bathroom rather than just the vanity. The same beneficial work that a window does will be done by the reflection of light and pattern (and, occasionally, that open door).

Use a Variety of Mirrors

If you don’t have enough space to reflect a full wall, you can merely use many mirrors on one wall.

Choose a Shower Door Made of Glass

Consider removing the curtain totally if you’re starting from scratch with your small bathroom decoration. In a small bath, glass shower doors are also ideal because they help to open up the room.

Completely Remove Your Shower Door

A shower without a door is featured in this compact bathroom design. The bathroom has been completely remodeled with a shower cabin and bathtub, as well as light cream-colored tiles on the floor and walls. The focus is primarily on the tiles in the front. Those who are a little more daring might even consider not having a shower door at all (a good drain is wise in that case).

Mirror with Backlight

If you don’t have enough space for sconces or prefer a more minimalistic design, this might be a stylish and modern solution to add light.

Bathroom with Tiled Walls and Floor

The walls of this little bathroom can be covered with floor tile. Bathroom tile design is a long-lasting approach to making a statement that may be used from floor to ceiling. You should like to specify little ceramic tiles for smaller bathroom walls.

Give the Curtain a New Angle

If you have the option of deciding where your shower curtain goes, pull it all the way up past the tub’s normal height. Extending the drape almost to the ceiling will extend the walls significantly. The taller your bathroom ceiling is, the more this will assist.


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