SONA 2023 Insider: Philippine Development Plan 2023 - 2028 - Pinoy Builders

SONA 2023 Insider: Philippine Development Plan 2023 – 2028

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On July 24, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. entered the Batasang Pambansa in Quezon City and took the podium to give his second State of the Nation Address. The report, which encompassed the majority of his administration’s most significant accomplishments, lasted for an hour and 10 minutes and was witnessed by Filipinos from all over the world, as well as international allies and world leaders. While the recent State of the Nation address by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. covered many notable achievements that the current government has fulfilled for his first presidential year, Marcos also showcased the highlights of the major steps the country is expected to take following the NEDA-approved Philippine Development Plan (PDP) for the years 2023 to 2028.

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The Marcos Administration’s PDP For The Local Infrastructure Industry

The Philippine Development Plan, also known as PDP, or simply The Plan, is the Marcos administration’s official framework designed to provide an all-encompassing outline that will hopefully boost significant economic growth, as well as the societal changes that will come along with it. With the PDP, the Marcos administration promises the revitalization of the country’s job market, which is expected to greatly reduce poverty and strengthen the Philippine economy. 

For the Phiilippines’ infrastructure industry, the Marcos administration’s development plan means that the sector is expected to receive a much-needed bolstering from the government in order to transform and influence the country in becoming a more attractive investment destination for both local and foreign business entities.  In the development plan, Marcos laid out what is labeled as ‘six cross-cutting strategies’ meant to be the catalysts for the improvement of all targeted sectors, including the environmental, institutional, social, and economic sectors. The infrastructure industry, which is one of the key industries that the Marcos administration expects will be indispensable in the development of the country, is expected to flourish with the support of public-private partnerships (PPP). Below are some of the other strategies that the Marcos administration plans to implement to grow the Philippine economy.

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By aiming for a digitalized government, the Philippines will experience enhanced and expedited service delivery, increased transparency, and reduced possibilities of corruption in various government sectors.


Servicification involves implementing strategies that will foster the development of local manufacturers with high growth potential. 

Dynamic Innovation Ecosystem

The government aims to establish and enhance the agriculture and service industries by relying on technology-oriented tactics.

Enhanced Connectivity

Enhancing connectivity both domestically and globally is a priority, aimed at rejuvenating tourism, streamlining trade, and enticing greater investments.

Greater Collaboration Between Local And National Government

In the PDP, the Marcos administration plans to enhance the distribution of responsibility between local and national authorities. This strategy will hopefully boost the capacity of LGUs in providing public services, which is expected to increase local revenues 

SONA 2023: The Future Of The Philippine Infrastructure Industry With PDP

The recent State of the Nation Address by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. might have raised concerns about the lack of concrete plans on just exactly how the Marcos administration will be tackling the country’s most dire issues, but for the local infrastructure industry, the bigger picture can be seen in the Philippine Development Plan. 

During Marcos’ second SONA, he highlighted some of the biggest infrastructure projects currently underway and are in line with the NEDA-approved PDP. The Plan is clear, but the future can still change. Currently, the Philippines is still considered to have one of the fastest growing GDPs, but we are still way below the ASEAN-5, and the local economy is not a stranger to a red arrow pointing down in the graph while our neighboring SEA countries are green and upturned. With President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s PDP, the country does technically have a plan on how to improve the economy and reduce poverty. However, until the improvement goes beyond the colossal bridges and expressways and finally extends to the homes of the marginalized, the Plan remains a plan for the government and not for the Filipino people.



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